Through our work with the Department of Veterans Affairs, we support America’s heroes by attending to their medical needs with quality products and care. Learn how MedEast Solutions provides for our nation’s best.

”Before getting my brace from MedEast Solutions I had a hard time walking or even standing. After seeing them and getting a brace that was made specifically for me, I am able to move, walk, and even run like I have nearly perfect, healthy knees. They were helpful and got me what I needed. If I need something like this again, I will definitely go back to them.”

“Working with MedEast Solutions made things a lot easier. Their clinician was a big help and great to deal with. He took the time to make sure I got exactly what I needed and I can walk much better now after receiving my custom orthotics from them.”

“When I went to the VA and requested my brace, I didn’t know who would actually be providing it. It was a pleasant surprise to me when MedEast Solutions was given my request. I met with their clinician and was impressed with his knowledge and attitude. He took time to explain everything to me about what he was doing and why and the importance of having a brace custom made for me. How it would help me heal and be able to function. I haven’t been using the product long, but it has helped me enough to notice a big difference in my pain level. I’d like to deal with their team again.”